Solanum seaforthianum

Family Solanaceae

Species Profile

Species classification Naturalised
Common namesBrazilian Nightshade, Climbing Nightshade, Italian Jasmine, Vining Solanum
SynonymsInformation unavailable
Growth formShrub, Vine/scrambler/climber
Seed dispersal morphologyFleshy fruit/Edible/Aril
Maximum height (m)5
Capable of vegetative reproductionInformation unavailable
Native rangeCentral America, North America, South America, West Indes
Exotic range (Australia)NSW, QLD, SA, WA
Exotic range (other)Africa, eastern Asia, Indian Ocean Islands, Pacific Ocean Islands
Habitat types (exotic)Agricultural land, Bushland, Disturbed areas (including trails), Forest, Pastures, Riparian systems, Roadsides, Urban areas, gardens and parks, Wastelands
Soil type (exotic)Fertile, Most soil types
Decade of introduction1890

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Rating [?]

Climate scenario Australia ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
Current climate 402032384434242438
RCP 8.5 2035 362032364234242436
RCP 8.5 2065 362030344234222434

Maps of Habitat Suitability & Recorded Occurrences

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Current suitable habitat

2035 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

2065 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

Recorded occurrences

Recorded occurrences


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