Passiflora suberosa

Family Passifloraceae

Species Profile

Species classification Invasive [NSW's Noxious Weeds]
Common namesCork Passionflower, Cork-bark Passion Flower, Cork-barked Passion Flower, Cork-barked Passionflower, Corkstem Passionflower, Corky Passion Flower, Corky Passion Vine, Corky Passionflower, Corky Passionfruit, Corky Stem Passion Vine, Corky-stem Passionflower, Corky-stemmed Passionflower, Corkystem Passionflower, Devil's Pumpkin, Indigo Berry, Pointed Leaf Passionfruit, Small Passion Flower, Small Passionfruit, Wild Passionfruit
SynonymsAnthactinia walkeri M.Roem.; Cieca angustifolia M.Roem.; Cieca flexuosa M.Roem.; Cieca globosa M.Roem.; Cieca hederacea M.Roem.; Cieca littoralis M.Roem.; Cieca nigra Medik.; Cieca oliviformis M.Roem.; Cieca pallida M.Roem.; Cieca peltata M.Roem.; Cieca pseudosuberosa M.Roem.; Cieca suberosa (L.) Moench; Granadilla suberosa (L.) Gaertn.; Meioperis angustifolia (Sw.) Raf.; Meioperis hederacea (Cav.) Raf.; Meioperis minima (L.) Raf.; Meioperis pallida (L.) Raf.; Meioperis peltata (Cav.) Raf.; Meioperis suberosa (L.) Raf.; Monactineirma angustifolia (Sw.) Bory; Monactineirma hederacea (Cav.) Bory; Monactineirma minima (L.) Bory; Monactineirma peltata (Cav.) Bory; Monactineirma suberosa (L.) Bory; Passiflora angustifolia Sw.; Passiflora calliaquatica E.H.L. Krause; Passiflora flexuosa Gardner; Passiflora glabra Mill.; Passiflora globosa Vell.; Passiflora hederacea Cav.; Passiflora hederifolia Lam.; Passiflora hederifolia var. beta Lam.; Passiflora hederifolia var. gamma Lam.; Passiflora heterophylla Aiton; Passiflora hirsuta L.; Passiflora hirsuta var. parviflora (Sw.) M. Roem.; Passiflora kohautiana C. Presl; Passiflora limbata Ten.; Passiflora lineariloba Hook. f.; Passiflora litoralis Kunth; Passiflora longifolia Lam.; Passiflora minima L.; Passiflora nigra Jacq.; Passiflora oliviformis Mill.; Passiflora pallida L.; Passiflora parviflora Sw.; Passiflora peltata Cav.; Passiflora pseudosuberosa Fisch.; Passiflora puberula Hook. f.; Passiflora suberosa var. angustifolia (Sw.) Mast.; Passiflora suberosa var. divaricata Griseb.; Passiflora suberosa var. hederacea (Cav.) Mast.; Passiflora suberosa var. hirsuta (L.) Mast.; Passiflora suberosa var. lineariloba (Hook. f.) Mast.; Passiflora suberosa var. longiloba Triana & Planch.; Passiflora suberosa var. minima Mast.; Passiflora suberosa var. pallida (L.) Mast.; Passiflora tridactylites Hook. f.; Passiflora walkeri Wight; Passiflora warei Nutt.
Growth formVine/scrambler/climber
Seed dispersal morphologyFleshy fruit/Edible/Aril
Maximum height (m)6
Capable of vegetative reproductionInformation unavailable
Native rangeSouth America, North America, Atlantic Ocean Islands
Exotic range (Australia)NT, QLD, NSW
Exotic range (other)Pacific Ocean Islands, Asia, Indian Ocean Islands
Habitat types (exotic)Grassland, Scrublands/shrublands, Forest
Soil type (exotic)Moist soils, Well drained, Sandy, Alkaline
Decade of introduction1910

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Rating [?]

Climate scenario Australia ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
Current climate 3003018362008
RCP 8.5 2050 22036102620010
RCP 8.5 2070 3003410344026

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2050 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

2070 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

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Recorded occurrences


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