Coprosma repens

Family Rubiaceae

Species Profile

Species classification Invasive [NSW's Noxious Weeds]
Common namesLooking-glass Bush, Looking-glass Plant, Mirror Bush, New Zealand Laurel, Taupata
SynonymsCoprosma baueri Endl.; Coprosma baueriana Hook.f.; Coprosma perpusilla subsp. Subantarctica; Coprosma repens Hook.f. [Illegitimate]; Coprosma repens var. pumila (Hook.f.) Kirk; Coprosma retusa Banks & Sol. ex Hook.f.; Coprosma stockii B.S.Williams
Growth formShrub
Seed dispersal morphologyFleshy fruit/Edible/Aril
Maximum height (m)8
Capable of vegetative reproductionYes
Native rangePacific Ocean Islands
Exotic range (Australia)WA, SA, NSW, VIC, TAS
Exotic range (other)North America
Habitat types (exotic)Coastal vegetation/sand dunes, Forests, Rocky outcrops, Shrublands
Soil type (exotic)Sandy, Loamy, Laterite
Decade of introduction1880

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Rating [?]

Climate scenario Australia ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
Current climate 30030023022388
RCP 8.5 2050 30030002826346
RCP 8.5 2070 30030003026344

Maps of Habitat Suitability & Recorded Occurrences

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Current suitable habitat

2050 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

2070 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

Recorded occurrences

Recorded occurrences


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