Pistia stratiotes

Family Araceae

Species Profile

Species classification Invasive [NSW's Noxious Weeds]
Common namesNile Cabbage, Tropical Duckweed, Water Cabbage, Water Lettuce, Water Lily
SynonymsApiospermum obcordatum (Schleid.) Klotzsch; Limnonesis commutata (Schleid.) Klotzsch; Limnonesis friedrichsthaliana Klotzsch; Pistia aegyptiaca Schleid.; Pistia aethiopica Fenzl ex Klotzsch; Pistia africana C.Presl; Pistia amazonica C.Presl; Pistia brasiliensis Klotzsch; Pistia commutata Schleid.; Pistia crispata Blume; Pistia cumingii Klotzsch; Pistia gardneri Klotzsch; Pistia horkeliana Miq.; Pistia leprieuri Blume; Pistia linguiformis Blume; Pistia minor Blume; Pistia natalensis Klotzsch; Pistia obcordata Schleid.; Pistia occidentalis Blume; Pistia schleideniana Klotzsch; Pistia spathulata Michx.; Pistia stratiotes var. cuneata Engl.; Pistia stratiotes var. linguiformis Engl.; Pistia stratiotes var. obcordata (Schleid.) Engl.; Pistia stratiotes var. spathulata (Michx.) Engl.; Pistia texensis Klotzsch; Pistia turpini Blume; Pistia turpinii K.Koch; Pistia weigeltiana C.Presl; Zala asiatica Lour.
Growth formAquatic, Herb
Seed dispersal morphologyHydrochorous
Maximum height (m)0.15
Capable of vegetative reproductionYes
Native rangeAsia, Africa, North America, Australia, Pacific Ocean Islands
Exotic range (Australia)WA, NSW
Exotic range (other)Asia, Africa, North America, Australia, Indian Ocean Islands, Pacific Ocean Islands, Atlantic Ocean Islands, Europe
Habitat types (exotic)Water bodies, Wetlands, Roadside
Soil type (exotic)Aquatic
Decade of introduction1940

Rating [?]

Climate scenario Australia ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
Current climate 3043042348201226
RCP 8.5 2050 3044230308161234
RCP 8.5 2070 30436383012121226

Maps of Habitat Suitability & Recorded Occurrences

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Current suitable habitat

2050 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

2070 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

Recorded occurrences

Recorded occurrences


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