Praxelis clematidea

Family Asteraceae

Species Profile

Species classification Naturalised
Common namesPraxelis
SynonymsEupatorium catarium Veldkamp; Eupatorium pauciflorum auct. non Kunth; Eupatorium urticifolium auct. non L. (several var)
LongevityPerennial, Annual
Growth formHerb
Seed dispersal morphologyWinged
Maximum height (m)1
Capable of vegetative reproductionInformation unavailable
Native rangeSouth America
Exotic range (Australia)QLD, WA
Exotic range (other)Pacific Ocean Islands, Asia
Habitat types (exotic)Roadsides, Grasslands, Forests, Riparian systems, Pastures, Agricultural land, Woodlands
Soil type (exotic)Information unavailable
Decade of introduction1990

Rating [?]

Climate scenario Australia ACT NSW NT QLD SA TAS VIC WA
Current climate 381020244420101434
RCP 8.5 2035 381020244414101434
RCP 8.5 2065 381020244214121232

Maps of Habitat Suitability & Recorded Occurrences

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Current suitable habitat

2035 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

2065 suitable habitat
(RCP 8.5)

Recorded occurrences

Recorded occurrences


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